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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

TGIRLS VS XDRESSERS ( the unseen war )

Transvestites, crossdressers, drag queens : by general definition  means,  men dressing up as women on certain occasions. The drag queens pushes the envelope by dressing  more elaborately and donning over-the- top make up , these for the intention of stage shows and performances.  Although all chose to dress up as women, they do not have the intention to be women. Most of them are flamboyant gay men.
Transexuals (i.e. tgirl, tranny, shemale, ladyboy) on the other hand, maybe at one point started to crossdress, but in the long run decided to pursue womanhood by dressing up full time and opted to forego with surgeries and treatments leading the way to becoming or looking like a lady. While the majority undergoes surgery, some just embraced the body they’re in and just dress up 24/7. Reasons: Trania: I already look feminine, and I love my hormone boobies. Teeti: I don’t have the financial means to do so. Phukee:  I’m old and just want to have fun now, I just don’t know if my body can handle going under  the knife. Sheika: out of religious and family respect, I’ll treat my body as a temple. Quania:  I’m scared of surgeries and I have low pain tolerance.
Pre and post-op transsexuals. The former keeps the penis, the latter has it chopped off. Main reason: personal and varying ( this will be another topic).

The war between the Xdressers and the tgirls, mythologically, started when the god, Savantah, doesn’t have the resources to keep up with his lavish lifestyle meanwhile saw that his twin tranny sister, Kevinia,  gets precious gifts from her mortal admirers. Jealousy sparked, and one night he sneaked to her room and tried on her clothes and make up. A big light bulb shone on top of his mohawk when he saw how pretty he was. Well , not as pretty as Kevinia, with her long shiny strawberry blond hair, big 36DD breasts,  Jlo hips, smooth silky skin, all courtesy of the goddess Aphrodite and Dr. Suporhn. Savantah put on a wig and shaved his face and body  extensively and went down from the mountains, wearing his sister’s clothes and make up and accessories. He modulated his voice, refined the masculine moves and swayed like a lady. And before he knew it, men were under his spell. Soon enough, he was back with his lavish lifestyle. Kevinia was furious when she found out what her twin brother was doing. Fooling all those men and robbing them off with their hard earned money. She confronted another tranny goddess, Lhuiller, who empathized with her but said, “we can’t control what men want. Some of them probably know what they’re doing and enjoy it. If they don’t then it’s something they have to deal with.” She puts on a flower on her curly hair and continued, “ it’s a tough world out there, even for us goddesses. We just have to be competitive. And just stay beautiful”. Kevinia just stared at her and pondered on that thought.
Savantah went on with  his conquest , and other gods followed on with his footsteps. Other tranny goddesses weren’t happy with this situation, and won’t accept Lhuiller’s logic. So the war goes on.
I have been on the scene where the trannies would whisper nastily when a crossdresser would walk in. The infuriating part though is, when the crossdresser romps  around, thinking she is the QUEEN. Looking down at everyone. I’m not saying all tgirls are nasty, and all crossdressers are mean. But there is a certain air that just doesn’t sit when these two breeds are caged together. Until these two species can come up with a solution to living harmoniously, then let’s just sit and watch the drama. J

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